Helen Lush - Artist
 Roath Botanic Garden Artists

Roath Botanic Garden Artists was formed in 2010 by myself and fellow artist Louise Young. The idea was to celebrate the plant life of Cardiff's parks and wild places through paintings and drawings, including both traditional botanical illustration and more contemporary work. We held our first exhibition, "Wild and Cultivated" in Oriel Makers in December 2011, then toured a large part of the show to a new venue in Bute Park, Cardiff - Bute Park Education Centre. In 2014 we exhibited at Penarth Pavilion, the Penarth Festival Open Studio event, and the "Out of the Woods" festival in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.

The group now includes Pat Gregory, Jill Schoenmann, Ginny Brink and Sally Williams as well as Louise and myself. We aim to show the general public the diversity and wealth of beauty amongst the plant species within Cardiff's environs by holding regular exhibitions.

Our last project focused on the fascinating history of the physicians of Myddfai, who were herbalists living and working in and around the Carmarthenshire village of Myddfai and the monastery at Strata Florida in the twelfth century. The exhibition "Roots of Magic - the Healing Plants of Myddfai" took place in June 2016 at the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire. The ideas behind my work for this exhibition came from some of the many herbal recipes passed down by the physicians and recorded in the Red Book of Hergest.

In May and June 2019 the group exhibited at Insole Court in Llandaf, Cardiff. The paintings and prints were inspired by the gardens, architecture and plants of this restored Gothic Revival mansion.

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To see more of my RBGA paintings go to...Roath Botanic Garden Artists

'Hornbeam, Roath Park - detail' by Helen Lush
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