Helen Lush - Artist
Landscape Paintings of Wales

This collection of watercolour paintings explores Welsh landscapes, coastlines and some iconic buildings in Cardiff. As a Cardiff based artist I have painted many of the city's historical buildings over the years. Cardiff offers a rich and colourful heritage which has resulted in an interesting cityscape where old and new architecture sit alongside each other.
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I have enjoyed regular visits to Pembrokeshire over the last thirty years, and these watercolour paintings reflect a fascination with this evocative coastal landscape, particularly the area around Fishguard. Using watercolour as the initial wash in each work, the medium itself is allowed to flow organically creating inspired flourishes and subversive elements. Some pieces take inspiration from this landscape without being of specific places whilst others represent favourite haunts, such as Porthgain, Cwm yr Eglwys and Pwllderi.

Botanical Paintings and Drawings

A collection of pastel, watercolour and pencil work featuring botanical subjects. The "Botanica" series was showcased at the RHS Spring Flower Show in Cardiff in April 2009 followed by the exhibition, "Botanica 3" held in Oriel Makers, Cardiff. The series is an ongoing project. Many of the pieces include calligraphy, butterflies, bees and other insects
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These paintings take inspiration from three very different experiences of Italy and Sardinia. One cycling trip around the coast and Gennargentu mountains of Sardinia, a visit to Tuscany - in particular the ancient walled cities of Sienna and San Gimignano and a trip to Venice.

Paintings of Poetry, Landscape and Beasts

This is a collection of paintings featuring birds, beasts, trees and flowers. Some of these include lines taken from poems by Andrew Marvell, William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, W. B. Yeats, Christina Rosetti, John Donne, William Blake and some of my own writings. In many of these I have allowed the free flow of the initial wash of paint to dictate much of the composition, developing this further with pencil and watercolour and adding calligraphy which I feel fits the painting.
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I have been lucky enough to live near Roath Park in Cardiff for half my life and, over the years, have made countless paintings of the bridges, lake, gardens, wildfowl, rivers and fauna. Locals will know it boasts a boating lake, conservatory, rose garden, lakeside cafe and a fine collection of old and special Champion Trees amongst it's charms. Here are some examples of my watercolour paintings of the park.

Roath Botanic Garden Artists | Roots of Magic - the Healing Plants of Myddfai

Roath Botanic Garden Artists was formed in 2010 by myself and Louise Young. The idea was to celebrate the plant life of Cardiff's parks and wild places through paintings and drawings, including both traditional botanical illustration and more contemporary work. Our last project expanded the theme to embrace the fascinating history of the physicians of Myddfai, who were herbalists living and working in and around the Carmarthenshire village of Myddfai and the monastery at Strata Florida in the twelfth century. The exhibition "Roots of Magic - the Healing Plants of Myddfai" took place in 2016 at the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire. The group's next exhibition will take place throughout May and June of 2019 at Insole Court in Cardiff. The work will be a response to the gardens, heritage and architecture of this Gothic Revival mansion.
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